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...The history of the Police School in Słupsk started in 1945. An Educational Center of Civic Militia, including Military College, Privates' College and Guide and Training of Police Dogs Center was established on 1st of July 1945. 

In September 1954 the Center was closed down and in December 1954 the authorities established an Educational Center of Civic Militia's Privates. In August 1957 the center became a Civic Militia Non-Commissioned Officers' School. Due to the fact... that the educational program of the School was considerably extended (ensign courses) it changed its status and became a Civic Militia's School.

In 1990 Civic Militia was converted into Police. The Civic Militia School became a Police School. After establishing the Police forces the Słupsk's school preserved its educational essential profile. It has remained an educational center of prevention serviceforces.

...At the present moment the School provides occupational courses for district constables and orderly officers. Moreover the School provides occupational improvement courses for target practice instructors and officers of prevention centers for children. The School also prepares the policemen to serve in Special Police Forces in Kosovo within a structure of the United Nations' police forces.

...Since 1994 the School has been organizing an annual final of the National Prevention Forces Competition “Patrol of the Year” Competition. The competition is a form of occupational improvement of prevention officers from patrol and intervention sections that compete for a title of a police patrol of the year.;

...The School systematically improves its didactic base. Besides audiovisual and multimedia aids, numerous facilities and professional equipment the students can also use a shooting range complex, instruction police-station, computer studies classrooms and paramedic and first-aid practice rooms.

...In the beginning of the 90-ties the School started cooperation with the representatives of Police forces from other countries. At first the centers exchanged their educational experiences. Since 1995 the Słupsk's School has been cooperating with a High Occupational Police School in Basdorf near Berlin. Within the cooperation the centers regularly exchange the teachers and students.

...The School has been connected with Słupsk for 60 years. The students of the School patrol the streets of Słupsk. They keep vigil and take care of Słupsk's citizens and visitors. They patrol dangerous places and intervene in case the law is violated.

...The teachers and students of the School were on duty in other cities of Poland. They supported prevention forces during pilgrimages of the Pope John Paul II and official visits of presidents de Gaulle, Nixon and Bush. Everybody can count and rely on them. The policemen meet with children from kindergartens and schools to talk about safety and warn them against dangerous situations. They help while some disasters or natural calamities strike. They look for the missing people and donate their blood.

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